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What the Jetsons got right

Some of you may be too young to remember The Jetsons. The cartoon’s first episode premiered in 1962 and was set in 2062, 100 years in the future. The premise of many of the jokes on the show was the futuristic technology they dreamt up, which although seemed farfetched at the time turned out to be startling predictions of gadgets we now take for granted, like smart devices and flat screen televisions.

As real estate marketers with a digital focus it’s our job to take advantage of the tools we have available to get the best result for our vendors and although we haven’t quite taken to food in a pill like the Jetsons were doing we have at least been able to put some of their ideas to great use.

Tablet computers, touch screens and smart devices can be seen throughout the show with one scene featuring Jane Jetson holding a gadget that looks suspiciously like an iPad. It goes without saying that smart phones are great for communicating on the go, but even more importantly that’s where people are looking now, it’s where people are being entertained and consuming media. Average time online continues to increase so having a big digital presence featuring photos and video of our listings across social media platforms, TradeMe and all the other major real estate websites is a real focus of our marketing. If the smart watch, similar to the one George Jetson used to speak to his boss Cosmo Spacely, continues to grow in popularity rest assured we will be in that space too.

In one episode of The Jetsons, George’s son Elroy can clearly be seen piloting a drone and flying cars were commonplace, including individual flying pods for the school drop off. A bold idea indeed yet here we are in 2020 where hobbyists can buy an advanced remote-controlled aircraft with a stabilised camera for a highly reasonable price and anyone with a spare hundred bucks can get a toy drone at Kmart. Drones and aerial video and photography come in so handy in real estate, allowing camera angles on homes that would have required a helicopter, pilot, and cameraperson just 10 years ago. The drone perspective is always exciting to see and for those that are looking online and can’t make a viewing or open home offers a unique way of getting a feel for a property.

Now we just need the flying cars to advance a little to skip the Tauranga traffic on the way to the office, oh and I must remember to buy one of those robotic vacuum cleaners.

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