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To all the bloody good mums!

We’re big believers here at Cashmores that we should be celebrating all the mums, all the time. It’s a bloody tough gig – and we should know! 


Kirsty is mum to three beautiful kids and two step-kids. Juggling mum life and Cashmores makes for a full-on, crazy busy life, but she wouldn’t have it any other way. Cashmores agents are proud to be always-on – we know that’s what our vendors deserve and expect – and so the Cashmore kids are picking up a thing or two about real estate. Give it a few years and they’ll be outselling Mum and Dad!

Supporting Kirsty and the team are Elisha and Maria: both brilliant mums to their beautiful toddlers. They are the ones ensuring every listing is seamlessly run, and every vendor question is met with a smile. All this despite the minimal sleep, juggling daycare coughs and colds, and dodging the weetbixy handprints just to get out the door. 

Helen and Sarah, two of Cashmores sales agent dream team – are also Mums. From primary school to Uni, these Mums have led incredible careers whilst raising even more incredible kids. 

It’s tough. But it’s also normal. We know so many of our vendors and buyers are the same – busy mums, who are so adept at holding it all together. 

So over the coming months we’re going to be shining a light on all those bloody great mums. Watch out for competitions, business recommendations, and pictures of all the cute Team Cashmores kids!

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