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Three week bikini body

In the fitness industry gym owners know they can set their watches by an increase in new year’s resolution inspired memberships in early January. But did you know new gym memberships actually spike in late November and early December too?

Why? How? And what the heck does this have to do with real estate?

Well some time in late spring among the santa saturation and Kmart carols, the realisation will dawn that beach weather is on its way and after a winter of physical neglect the quest for the almost certainly non-achievable last minute beach bod begins.

The same happens in real estate. Summer is a popular time to sell a home and late spring always sees a mad rush of unprepared people trying to list their unprepared homes.

Our advice? Start now!

Even if you don’t want to sell until December or the new year it pays to get the ball rolling, it’s never too early and will likely mean a better result than the ‘shredding for the wedding’ last minute approach.

Give us a call at Cashmores and we’ll get started with an appraisal, begin to plan a unique customised marketing strategy, and even start connecting with potential buyers in our database.

Trust us, it will save you and your family a lot of stress in three months’ time!

Much like gluten-free protein bars, compression tights and elaborate training schedules there’ll be things that you may or may not need to give yourself the best chance at selling your home.

We’ve seen it all in nearly two decades of real estate and will be able to provide quick and effective advice about anything that needs to be done to your property and potentially save you a lot of time and money on unnecessary work and purchases.

Can we sell a home at the last minute? Sure, we’ve done it plenty of times; but much like the┬áthree week bikini body and in fact most things in life – we give ourselves the best shot at success by being organised and having a plan.


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