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Three top tips for selling your home

Kirsty and Blair Cashmore recently launched Cashmores, Tauranga’s newest real estate agency. They do real estate differently, embracing digital marketing and social media and telling each homes’ story along the way.

Selling a home is both an exciting and stressful exercise.

Exciting with the promise of change, the opportunity to up or downsize, to modernise or simplify, or maybe just have a fresh start.

Yet at the same time it can be an overwhelming, anxiety inducing experience, filled with uncertainty as you navigate the minefield of agents, lawyers and contracts.

Kirsty and Blair Cashmore have seen and heard it all in their nearly 40 years of combined experience in Tauranga real estate. Whether you’re looking to sell up and head overseas, move to that dream house at the beach or are finally getting around to selling that old family bach, read on for the Cashmore’s top three tips for selling your home.

Work with someone who takes genuine interest in you and your situation – an agent who takes the time to learn and ask questions and really see how they can help in the process.  The highest appraising agent is not necessarily the best. A lower appraising agent could be the one who achieves the best result for you because of what they do along the way.

Along with price, promotion is the key. Now more than ever people are tuning into digital advertising so it makes sense to ensure your property has maximum exposure, not only on website platforms but also on social media like Facebook and Instagram. There’s more to it than just putting up a post, we can all do that; make sure your agent knows how to leverage the power of social media marketing to gain the unique targeted exposure that it can provide.

Presentation of your home and property is a very important but often overlooked element of real estate. The time you spend on things as simple as mowing the lawn, tidying the yard and arranging furniture to accentuate space can pay dividends down the line once people start arriving at open homes or viewings. It never ceases to amaze me the stories we hear about people leaving their undies on the floor, having an overgrown garden or finding old food lying around, it’s totally unnecessary and counterproductive to the goal of selling your home and getting the best price you can.

So there you have it, find an agent that takes a genuine interest in you, embrace social media and don’t forget to mow the lawn and put your undies away!

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