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The myth of the area specialist in real estate

A persisting yet somewhat antiquated idea in real estate is that of the ‘area specialist’.  In this week’s blog we take a look at this concept and how Cashmores fits in. 

In traditional real estate businesses it’s often the case that one particular real estate agent will stay focused on one suburb or group of suburbs, positioning themselves as an expert in that geographical area. 

While this isn’t an outwardly bad idea it can be a bit misleading, a marketing and sales gimmick undertaken by big corporate real estate brands and agents that takes away from the more important characteristics to look for in a real estate agent when listing your home; things like their negotiation experience, how they build relationships, what they are like to deal with and their proven track record.  

One fallacy of the area specialist is that they are always 100% bang on with their appraisals. We know from decades of experience that the highest appraising agent is not necessarily the best. Negotiation is often about bridging the gap in expectations between the vendor and the buyer and realistically a lower appraising agent could be the one who achieves the best result for you because of what they do along the way.

Instead of picking someone who claims to be an expert in a particular area we recommend working with someone who takes genuine interest in you and your situation – an agent who takes the time to learn and ask questions and really see how they can help in the process.    

Kirsty and Blair Cashmore have done hundreds of deals across the Bay of Plenty over the years. Sure, they know Papamoa, they know Tauranga and they know Mount Maunganui; but more importantly they are communicators who understand real estate and understand people. They have a proven track record and glowing testimonials http://cashmores.nz/testimonials.

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