Helen Bladon

The high achiever
027 577 2013

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Helen Bladon


The high achiever

You say ‘people person,’ we think Helen. It may be an over-used expression in this industry, but Helen’s stellar 15 year international career in HR and a post-grad in psychology really set her apart. Highly determined, with a knack for building relationships and a sharp intellect, it’s not surprising she saw great success across New Zealand, Australia and the UK. With a long-held love of property, and time spent learning the craft in a Queensland property business, Helen is now directing those impressive people skills and business smarts into the local property market.

Used to negotiating in high-stress environments, Helen is exactly the calm and committed authority needed to see through a successful sale. When not working, leading an active life with her hubby, two boys and two pets keep her busy. Previous colleagues describe Helen as “intelligent, pragmatic and good fun to work with.” Sounds like a triple threat to us. Cashmores, and indeed the real estate industry, is better off for Helen joining us.


Find Helen’s tips for a successful and stress-free property sale over on our blog.  


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