Elisha Anscombe

The go getter

  • Innovative
  • Daring
  • Organised
  • Social


Elisha Anscombe

Marketing & Executive Assistant

The ‘get it done creative’ one

With a combined 8 year career working in the London & Auckland commercial real estate industry, Elisha is the perfect right hand ‘creative’ for our salespeople. During this time, Elisha learned her marketing skills in corporate environments, where agility and innovative thinking were key in delivering positive solutions.

After spending time in metropolitan cities, Elisha and her young family decided to move from Auckland to Tauranga in March 2021 for a fun but a more relaxed pace of life. She soon discovered all that Tauranga has to offer, both personally and professionally and has quickly established herself as a key member of the team. Along with her obvious sales support skills, Elisha’s marketing knowledge and insight has become invaluable to ensure a tailored client experience.

Currently studying for her salespersons license, Elisha is committed to her real estate career and is excited to work with future clients in achieving successful outcomes.

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