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Real different, real busy

After long and successful careers in Tauranga real estate Blair and Kirsty Cashmore left their jobs and started their own real estate agency, Cashmores. After a fair bit of groundwork they opened their office in June. I caught up with Blair to see how things have been going. 
Blair Cashmore from Cashmores Real Estate

So Blair, how long have you been open and how’s things?  Working hard? 

The doors have been open for just over a month now and things have been absolutely manic!  We’re certainly putting in the hours, we’ll constantly do a full day, head home around 5:00pm, spend some time with the kids, get them fed and ready for bed, get the babysitter sorted and then Kirsty and I will come back to work and get things going again. So, really busy but it’s been a very cool process to be a part of and because we know real estate so well we’ve been able to just hit the ground running and do things our way from the outset.

And what have you been up to?

We’ve been talking to a lot of people, networking and getting the word out there. We’re trying something different and we’ve had some great feedback in regards to our social media marketing and how we portray ourselves as a brand. We have some really epic Tauranga properties coming on and more to come too, so we’re really happy about that. The work that we’ve been putting in is coming to fruition. We’ve also made out first sale which went unconditional last week. Kirsty and I have sold hundreds of houses between ourselves over the years but it was such a cool feeling closing our first deal as Cashmores!

So what’s next? 

It’s going to be non-stop. Now that we’ve been through the listing process a couple of times we’ll keep refining our in-house systems and workflow to make sure things are streamlined but thorough. As I mentioned earlier we’ve talked to a lot of people, and we’ll continue to do so too, staying focused on building those relationships, getting new listings and doing the best we can for our vendors. A fun part about this business is that we can constantly try different things, we don’t have our hands tied by a corporate real estate head office, so we’re always chatting about new ways to push the boundaries creatively with our social media marketing, photography and videos and I look forward to seeing the progression there.

Buying? Selling? Keen for a chat? Feel free to pop by our office at 64A Elizabeth St or get in touch here.

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