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Quickfire questions with Kirsty our Wonder Woman

Blair and Kirsty have become household names throughout the BOP and not just because their sale signs are popping up on every street. It’s their dynamic approach and warm nature that continues to build their reputation and get people talking. Straight shooting, Kirsty, took some time to answer some questions about work, life, family, and what makes her so damn cool. Happy reading!    


What got you into real estate?
I started in commercial real estate down in Christchurch when I was 22. I have no idea what actually made me decide on it – I just seemed to get drawn to the ads looking for agents. I went to a few interviews but didn’t like what was on offer. So, I approached the agency I wanted to be in and was offered a job – I guess it was meant to be!

What are the biggest changes you’ve seen in real estate over the years?
Where do I start? The real estate environment has changed hugely in terms of marketing, brands, house designs and of course, prices. It’s not just about the big corporates anymore and boutique offices, like Cashmores, are appearing more and more and it’s great to see – the more diversity in the market the better.
Prices are next level and we all wonder what’s going to be next. Covid had many people thinking they would drop but in fact they did the opposite.
Social media and videos have been absolute game changers in the marketing of properties and agents. Newspapers still play a part but now with the convenience of going online and the huge presence it covers it’s important to stay relevant in this space.
Houses are big and beautiful, do ups are in demand, and large sites are becoming such a rarity.

Why choose Cashmores?
Why not?? We are such a great bunch of people who are very good at what we do, have plenty of knowledge, and actually make sure we do right by you. We don’t do fluffy, we do real and believe it is so important that communication stays open so we can continue to have good discussions. The relationship between agent and vendor is very important to us which is why we work hard to ensure everyone’s on the same page. This keeps a clear understanding of everything to help make sure we arrive at a great result for you. We also want your experience with us (and the process in general) to be as stress-free as possible which is why we’re all about having a bit of fun too.

What’s the most difficult thing about the job?
Blair and I are thinking about it 24/7. We’re both the same in the sense that even if we’re away from the office we’re still fielding calls and emails. We know it’s important to be available because it’s such a big commitment people are making and they need solid answers. We’re constantly thinking of how to be better, how to improve, how to get the next listing, and how to be better than we were last year, last week, yesterday! 

What do you think is the number 1 most important thing for getting a good offer on your home?
The saying “first impressions count” is a saying for a reason. Presentation is so vital which is why it is worth investing the time (and sometimes money) to have everything looking as best you can, inside and out. Remove clutter and don’t worry about going over the top – when it comes to presentation you can’t do too much.

What do you do in your spare time?
Kirsty: What’s spare time? Oh, that spare time at 5am (I wish I was joking!). I love to exercise. It is my outlet and stress release. I also love hanging with the kids and going on new adventures, or catching up with mates over a few drinks when there’s time.

How old are your kids and what are their interests?
Kirsty: Charlize is 9 and Benji is 8. They’re both really into playing with their mates and sports, especially tennis, hockey and rugby. Imarni is 5 and she’s a happy go lucky kid who’s very loving and always cracking us up. Blair also has two older children: Lucas who is 18, and Sienna who is 14. So yes, we are very busy!

Favourite place in NZ and why?
I don’t have a favourite place as such, but put me near a lake in Summer and this is my ultimate happy place, especially if I get to go wake surfing/boarding. I’m also learning to mountain bike too so Rotorua and Taupo are great. I’m keen to discover more trails to ride so be sure to let me know if you know if any.

Favourite local restaurant?
There’s too many to mention because we’re so spoiled for choice here in Tauranga. Harbourside, Somerset Cottage, Macau and 8 are my favourites. I have to admit, I may or may not be partial to KFC too.

What’s the best thing about working in a team?
Having the support and banter of the team makes everything so much better. If you’re having a moment someone’s always there to help you out which is a huge help. We all still learn from each other so much no matter how long we’ve been doing it. We encourage new ideas and it can come from anyone, it’s about all of us working as a team. Mindset is a huge part of the job and being able to see when a team member is in a good or tough space is so important so we can provide the required support and promote more laughs along the way.

What made you decide to leave the big corporate world and create Cashmores Real Estate?
Freedom, desire and culture… we wanted to be in charge of our own destiny, rather than have it dictated to us. Something wasn’t feeling right and the culture we liked to be around was missing. We had always floated the idea, but thought, far out, can we really do this? I felt myself becoming more withdrawn where I was and not in a happy place. So, with the help of some life coaching to put my thoughts and feelings out there, I said to Blair shall we? And he said, Why not!! It was one hell of a move since we were shareholders of the company we were in, but something had to change and moving on to create our own business was the right step. We had the utmost belief in ourselves and what we were doing which was the biggest step of all.

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