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Quickfire questions with Helen Bladon

This five-star agent brings a wealth of corporate experience and real estate passion to her role. She is determined, committed and knows what it takes to get that market-leading sale price. Read all about Helen and her tips for successful sales below.


Why did you get into real estate?
I have always enjoyed house hunting, renovation projects and reading about selling real estate. The pandemic lockdowns gave me the push I needed to leave a successful 15year career in H.R. That background has been really useful to life as an agent. I learnt how to relate to different people and develop my communication skills. I feel like this broad exposure to many walks of life in often high pressure environments really set me up to handle anything as an agent.

Why should a vendor choose you as agent?
My commitment to my vendors is second to none. I am determined to succeed for them, I have a very strong conscience and this informs my work ethic.

What do you wish Vendors knew about the process of selling a house? 
The value of your agent during the negotiation stage of the process. This is where your agent really earns their keep. A great agent can get the maximum price through this process where other less skilled agents may falter.

What is your top tip for getting maximum sale price? 
Staging a property (either with the vendor’s own belongings or through a stylist) and presenting it in an immaculate and minimalist way allows future owners to see the true value of the home – as well as being able to envision themselves living there. When a buyer sees family photos or personal belongings it can be difficult for them to feel a connection to the property. On the flip side, presenting it in a messy or unclean state is so detrimental to your final sale price. You will put the majority of potential buyers off before they have stepped in the door, as many people can’t see past clutter.

What changes do you think will happen in the industry in the coming years?
The shortage in house supply will continue to put pressure on house prices, particularly in the first home buyer market where prices will increase as demand grows. There may be some reprieve for this market with investors selling their investment properties as a result of the changing investor legislation, but this remains to be seen. We will likely see the continued trend of multi-family living and the need for dual living arrangements in more properties as well. An expected increase in interest rates could go either way: it may help cool the market, or it may lure in new investors and squeeze out even more first home buyers. We can only hope that it will bring more properties to the market and allow for more balance.

Why did you choose Cashmores?
It was important to me to work within an agency that had high integrity. I had met Kirsty at University and so I knew that the Cashmores team were honest and genuinely cared. Everything I heard about them was positive, and I liked that they were doing things differently. It’s a new era for real estate and it made sense to me to go with a company that was innovative and focused on their vendors.

Why do you think vendors should choose Cashmores? 
The personalised touch and easy access to the Directors of the business is invaluable for a great experience at the highest standard. When vendors choose Cashmores, they are not only choosing a great salesperson, they are also getting a very cohesive and collaborative team behind the agent. We all work to support each other and each other’s vendors to ensure the best outcome is achieved. Our listings come from referrals and existing relationships which ensures our focus is always on our clients and putting their needs before ourselves, and this sets us apart.

And finally, if you had a spare day, had would you spend it?
My ideal day would be a walk up and around the mount with some friends, followed with a nice brunch at a local café and some shopping at some of our fantastic local boutique shops. Maybe finished off with a nice dinner somewhere with friends and family. I have very simple tastes and am easily pleased ?

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