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Quickfire questions with Craig Hutcheson

Craig has been with Cashmores since the beginning, making the office a better place with his savvy marketing, thoughtful sales approach, bold shirts, big smile, and beautiful dog Luca! We sat down with Craig to chat about why real estate, why Cashmores, and what top questions every vendor should ask their agent.


You flew internationally with Air New Zealand for a number of years. Why did you get into real estate?
I like working with a diverse group of people and making the process as stress free as possible. I like the flexible working hours. And I have a genuine love of real estate and interior design, so it just made sense. My favourite part of the job is handing over the keys to a new home owner and being part of that celebration, and building long term relationships with clients.

Why should a vendor choose you as their agent?
An agent has the skills to present and market a property to its best potential. We have the knowledge to handle legal aspects of the sale to protect the seller, and we act as a skilled negotiator to close a sale. Personally, I know the Tauranga area well, and I also know how to help a vendor that’s not based here. Lots of my clients are based in Auckland and part of my job is to make things as seamless and stress free as possible for them. That requires planning ahead, anticipating any snags, and keeping communication lines open always. Of course those skills help any vendors, not just those that aren’t locals!

Have you had any really challenging properties to sell? What made it so tough?
Working with family trusts can cause challenges where trustees have their individual ideas where the value of the property is. It can be unrealistic to where the market sees it – and they can be tricky conversations to navigate. Ultimately it’s my job to understand where the market is at, and although many different things impact market perception, what you want to do with the money from the sale is not one of those things!

Describe your ideal day
Meeting a new client and building a trusting relationship with them that leads to a new listing. Plus time in the sun with my dog Luca.

What do you wish vendors knew about the process of selling a house?
I wish vendors understood that presentation and marketing is vital in achieving the best sale for their home. Property marketing has become more complex, with a multitude of options for which property platforms to use, not to mention the range of print or digital or social media platforms you can leverage. Your house has to compete across all of these channels with all other houses on the market – and a skilled agent knows how to elevate the houses they represent. Paying the service of a skilled agent will compensate for the commission paid at sale.

What is your top tip for getting maximum sale price?
It’s all about the presentation. Have your home and garden immaculate, staged if necessary by an interior design stylist. Invest in this and your sale will reap the rewards.

What question should a vendor always ask the agent they’re thinking of working with?
I would always ask three questions; How will you achieve the maximum price for my home, what do you suggest I do to achieve that price, what additional service will you provide.

Why did you choose Cashmores? And why should vendors choose Cashmores?
I was drawn to Cashmores as they’re a boutique agency with a skilled passionate team, where I have space to explore innovative new ideas. It can be hard to find that flexibility in the bigger, older real estate agencies. Everyone at Cashmores is personable, has an excellent work ethic, they’re real people. We work with marketing professionals and stylists and we’re flexible and creative with ideas and suggestions. Why would you choose anyone else?

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