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Quickfire questions with Blair Cashmore

Blair Cashmore is a real estate game changer. From dynamic social media ads, to quirky signboards, he knows how to have some fun when it comes to marketing. Blair and Kirsty have always kept things down to earth and that’s why people love doing business with them – a company which listens, cares, and does what they say they will do.

What’s your background? 

In my earlier years I played rugby and now I’ve spent over 20 years in the real estate industry. It’s the only real job I’ve had so I guess that’s a testament to how much I enjoy it. In 2001, I joined my father’s business which at the time was the biggest real estate group in the Bay of Plenty. I spent over 18 years with them in numerous roles including Salesperson, Auctioneer, Marketing Manager, Director/Shareholder, and Office Manager. Having held those various roles means I now have a really wide breadth of knowledge and understanding of how things operate. When you talk to me I’m drawing on real, genuine experiences and the learnings that came from them. Kirsty and I decided that we were ready to do our own thing, our way and here we are today.

What are the biggest changes you’ve seen in real estate over the years?

The internet and the information age have changed it. Real estate salespeople used to be the information gatekeepers but now people can access info from their phones in the matter of seconds. The buyer mentality has changed too. Gone are the days of driving a client around to view listings. These days people would rather cut out the middleman and go to the listing agent direct.  One change I like in particular is the introduction of more boutique agencies, like Cashmores, who can offer the same reach but are way more flexible and personal. There is an absolute need and want for these businesses over the big corporate brands.  


Have you had any funny/embarrassing experiences on the job?

The funniest/weirdest property I tried to sell was one that had a grave and headstone in the front yard. I think the caption was ‘Dead Centre of Town’. It was certainly different but it sold. I used to send out recipe cards which showed me wearing a chef’s hat. I’ve always enjoyed doing things differently but that’s one some of my mates still hassle me about. 


What’s the most difficult thing about the job?

Real estate is always on my mind no matter when and where I am. It’s something I’ve just got used to though and Kirsty is in the same boat.
Some people can come across as harsh at times and I think it comes down to nerves. Once I’ve had a chance to have an open conversation with them and address any concerns, that’s when they tend to relax. Buying or selling a home is a big deal and we appreciate that. It is our job to give clear communication to keep things running smoothly. 


What do you think is the number 1 most important thing for getting a good offer on your home?

First impressions are literally everything. Get it right and get the offers. 


What do you do in your spare time?

Holidays with family are very important to me. I love watching the kids play sports as well as getting out on the lake for a wake surf. 


What makes Cashmores different from the rest?

Just the whole way we interact. We come across as normal people, not real estate salespeople. In New Zealand people appreciate the down-to-earth approach where we can have a relaxed, open conversation while still keeping it professional. We’re not afraid to try new things either,  like different marketing concepts. It’s all about testing and learning what people connect with. 

Cashmores isn’t your standard corporate real estate model where it’s all about volume and the bottom line. We put people first. 

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