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Interior colour trends

We help people buy and sell houses and are fortunate to have seen so many over the years – big houses, small houses, lifestyle blocks, baches, apartments, flats and mansions.

We’ve seen it all and in our job as real estate agents, it’s been really interesting to observe the various trends shift from year to year. 

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Design is subjective and there’s no right way to do anything, the most important thing is that you are happy! Recently though we’ve definitely noticed a few different colour trends emerging.

One thing that’s been hard to miss is the move toward more understated interior colours in new and newly renovated homes. Think mellow, soft and subtle, whites, creams, muted pastels and cool blues. 

Whether done subconsciously or not it turns out there’s some science and psychology behind this. 

Research suggests that because people are so busy now, rarely switching their brains off and spending a lot of time with their faces in screens that using a more mellow colour pallette in the home can actually relax and calm the mind, creating a more harmonious family living environment. 

On the other side of the coin, those looking for a bolder style have increasingly been using rich greens and navy blues. 

Rich greens lend depth and add a certain earthy lushness to spaces and really make a statement. Navy blue on the other hand is equally as bold but feels more sophisticated, almost giving the room it’s own personality.

We live in a more environmentally conscious world now and it’s clear elements of this have filtered down into interior design trends too. 

White walls always look fantastic when paired with indoor plants (or even indoor micro gardens). Larger windows and skylights allow more light to enter the home and make indoor plants even more feasible. There’s also certainly been an increase in exposed wooden beams, wooden panels and wooden features inside homes – almost a throwback to some styles you’d associate with the 1970s. 

Are you looking to redecorate? Although no substitute for expert advice there’s some super fun tools online to get the brain ticking over. Try www.planner5d.com where you can virtually design, furnish and colour your own dream home online. Or get lost on Pinterest, which has endless collections of design ideas catalogued and maintained by a passionate user base. 

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