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Traffic, weather and house prices

In Tauranga a story about increasing house prices is as common as an article about the weather or the traffic and no doubt you’ve seen the most recent headlines regarding the latest surge in prices across the Bay of Plenty.


The media may give you the impression that it’s as easy as throwing a few photos on Trade Me and naming your price, but the reality is each property and situation is unique and requires considered thought and sales experience to fetch top dollar.

Take a recent auction of ours in Otumoetai for example where we nearly ran out of bidding sheets after 60 odd bids. By hosting the auction onsite as opposed to a stale old-fashioned auction room we were able to create a fun environment and generate an emotional connection between the bidders and the property.  This auction exceeded the vendors expectations and they were thrilled with the result.

Contrast that to the opposite scenario we had recently on Sixteenth Avenue where the initial bidding process did not meet the reserve. Most agents would give up in that situation and in traditional real estate that usually means the auctioneer’s job is done but not with us. We kept the dialogue open between the vendor and potential buyer and an hour and a half (yes 90 minutes!) later we had negotiated a deal, house sold, everyone happy!

We love onsite auctions, but also understand when it’s best to use other methods. If we don’t think a house needs to go to auction, then it won’t.

Take recent sales in Brookfield and Bethlehem that we had initially considered selling by auction. During the marketing process it became apparent that it was best to put a price tag on the properties and forget the auction. Not long after we had multiple offers on both homes and had successfully sold one of these homes.

With contracts, offers, marketing, meetings and so much more, real estate is an involved process and a has a lot of moving parts. Yet for us it comes back to one simple question, “What is best for our vendor?”.

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