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Getting your home ready to sell?

Getting your home ready to sell? Here’s three key things to consider

Before investing in any form of home improvement it’s important to ask yourself why you’re doing it. Are you wanting it to be rental ready? Is it for you to enjoy for years to come? Or, is it to add value before you sell? Once you have determined which category your renovations fall under, it makes it easier to break down how you approach your budget and goals. The presentation of a home is imperative when it comes to the end sale result. The more buyers that are interested, the higher the competition (and offers). Below, we explore some key ways to get your property looking it’s very best before going to market. 

1. Landscape tidy

If you want to sell your home the first thing you need is for people to walk through the door. They may be put off if all they can see from the outside is a tatty fence and dodgy gutters. Go back to basics and take a look around your property for things looking a tad past their use-by date. A lick of paint on fences, staining decks and pulling down/replacing old sheds are all good starting points for making your home that little bit more inviting.

People looking to buy want to imagine entertaining in their new home. To help with this, make sure gardens are kept well-maintained and any outdoor dining areas look immaculate. If you don’t have a deck, this could be a great option to consider as it creates a whole new living space and a place to enjoy outdoors. Just be careful not to over-capitalise as decks can be a costly exercise, especially when resource consents are involved. 

2. Modernise

You want your home to look fresh and modern when it comes to that first open home. Many people opt for staging which allows professionals to come in and fit out your home with modern decor to lift and modernise the home. They will ensure that everything, from the artwork to the furniture, has a purpose and is perfectly matched for each space.

Other ways to give your home that fresh feel is to unclutter. Remove all unnecessary items and yes, that does include the excessive amount of cookbooks in your kitchen and the random nick-nacks lining your window sills.

Some other obvious but effective ways to modernise the home is to add fresh paint, get new curtains, update carpet, and consider double glazing (even if it’s just for a few select areas).    

3. Do up a room 

You may have heard that a new kitchen or bathroom is the best way to add value to the home. This can be argued within reason. Both are fairly major renovations and before entertaining the idea it is worth getting some building quotes and talking to a real estate agent to see if the numbers stack up. When searching for a new home people lookout for things that will need extra money spent on them. So, if they see that the bathrooms and/or kitchen are up to standard it adds another tick to their list as it’s one less thing they’ll need to invest in further down the track. If there’s one room in your house that’s quite noticeably letting the rest down then this is something to seriously consider, but only after getting sound advice.

There you have it. Three key things to consider when getting your home ready for the property market: landscaping, modernising, and ‘do upping’. The market is hot at the moment and if you’re serious about selling, get in touch with us and we can discuss your best plan of action. With so many people wanting to purchase, you may not need to invest big bucks into your home to get the result you desire.

Whatever you do, don’t miss out just because you were unsure. We’re open to having an honest, no-obligation chat about your home selling goals. Get in touch with Cashmores today! 


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