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Coffee with the Cashmores – talking Tauranga real estate

Kirsty and Blair Cashmore recently launched Cashmores, Tauranga’s newest real estate agency. They do real estate differently, embracing digital marketing and social media and telling each homes’ story along the way.

Kirsty, you’ve been referred to as “the Rushing Mum”, how did that name come about?  

Haha well I guess as well as always being there for my clients I’m there for my kids too. This means some early mornings and late nights, working into the wee hours to get the job done, but most importantly making sure I’m there as a mum. Between making deals I’m making kids’ lunches and as well as driving to open homes I’m driving kids to school or to Saturday sport. It never ends but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Blair you’ve had quite the experience with different areas of real estate over the years, tell me about a few of those jobs.

We’ve both been in real estate since the early 2000s and since then I’ve done a bit of everything really haha, I’m a bit of an allrounder at this stage. I’ve been a Salesperson, Auctioneer, Marketing Manager, Auction Manager, Branch Manager, Business Owner and Director. One of the more interesting experiences I’ve had in real estate was being the Auctioneer on the TV show The Block two years in a row and auctioning homes on live TV! All this experience has allowed me to get a real grasp of the industry though, to evolve with the sector and ultimately be better positioned to help people buy and sell homes.

You’ve lived in Tauranga a long time now, tell me a bit about the city and Bay of Plenty Region.

We’ve both lived here on and off since we were kids and although this region’s experienced phenomenal growth and change over the last decade, we still love it here. There’s a real community feel and we know so many people through work, school and family. We’re really lucky to have one of New Zealand’s best beaches right there on the doorstep in Mount Maunganui and there’s so many opportunities for the kids. Auckland is only two and a half hours down the road and we’re very central to places like Hamilton, Rotorua and Taupo too.     

You’ve talked about doing real estate, ‘real different’. What does this mean exactly?

Firstly we’re not a big-brand corporate real estate agency stuck in the traditional old ways of selling real estate. We’re adaptable and agile and certainly not one size fits all. We’re real people and we’re here to challenge the status quo. Every home has a story a big part of our job is to share those stories. Although there’s still a place for newspaper ads and pamphlets our preference is to fully embrace modern platforms and use video, digital marketing and social media to really make things happen for those wishing to buy or sell homes. Being different is about acknowledging change, building on experience, learning from the past and embracing the future.

After nearly two decades in real estate you must have seen it all, what’s the strangest or funniest thing you’ve seen when selling a house?

The strangest thing I’ve had was a house with a graveyard. Well a headstone at least and someone was actually buried there. We did have a lot of fun working on the caption for the advertising. We did manage to sell it in the end – so yes there is a buyer for everything!

Lastly, selling a home obviously a big step and an involved process. What’s one top piece of advice you could give to someone selling a home for the first time?

Work with someone who is interested in you and your situation. An agent who is taking the time to learn and ask questions and really see how they can help in the process to achieve a great result for you. The highest appraising agent is not necessarily the best agent. The lowest appraising agent could be the agent who achieves the best result for you because of what they do along the way to achieve that result.


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