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Celebrating one year!

Wow, one year! 365 days, 12 months.

Whichever way you look at it we’ve now had our Cashmores Elizabeth Street Office doors open since this time last year. And there’s been a bit going on in that time.

Locally, we’ve watched the Farmers development continue to progress next door, we got a new Mayor and Council and we witnessed the tragedy at White Island/Whakaari. 

And globally? Well since the earth last went around the sun we’ve seen the devastating Australian bushfires play out on TV and across social media and soon after found ourselves in the midst of a global pandemic.

Things change quickly, what if a year ago someone told you that we’d all have to take a month of work because someone in China ate a bat?

As a digital-focused real estate agency who loves social media, we’ve been particularly interested in some developments in the media industry. NZME have put most of their popular websites behind paywalls, stuff has just ceased printing 28 different local newspapers and Joe Rogan has just sold his podcast to Spotify for a reported $100 million.

Charging for their digital versions of The New Zealand Herald and The Bay of Plenty Times is essentially an admission from NZME that their audience has moved online. Stuff closing all those newspapers means no one is buying print ads anymore and the most popular podcast in America and perhaps the world is now seen as a bigger cash cow and stronger voice than any newspaper or TV channel – digital is king.

Why is this relevant? As real estate marketers, we want to use the best tools to get the best results for our vendors. We left our established positions with traditional big brand real estate companies to launch Cashmores as we felt times had changed but the industry hadn’t necessarily evolved at the same speed. We sought to bring new enthusiasm and a creative edge to real estate, to focus on social media and video, to embrace digital platforms and share each homes’ story in a more modern and personal way. 

Real Estate is hard work. It never stops. It’s been a big, no a HUGE year; full of long nights, busy weekends, open homes, auctions, negotiations, ups and downs. But we’re thrilled at our progress so far and so are our happy vendors and buyers from all over Tauranga, Mount Maunganui and Papamoa who have benefited from our creative digital-led approach. Our marketing will continue to evolve as the technology and platforms do and we look forward to another successful year of doing what we do best – selling homes in the Bay of Plenty.

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