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Can I really afford a house?

August 5, 2020


Earlier this year The New Zealand Herald ran a story about New Zealand’s most and least affordable cities, and the news was not flash for first home buyers. “Tauranga is the world’s fifth costliest housing market when prices are compared to incomes, worse than London and many major American cities, and still outstripping Auckland”. Saving up for that first […]

A fortnight of family

July 9, 2020


There is change in the winter air. The 8:30 traffic may have calmed down a bit but everything else is suddenly much more hectic. Groups of teenagers roam Bayfair and Tauranga Crossing at will – phones ever present, and there’s a noticeable increase in children at your local café. Yep it’s that time of year […]

What the Jetsons got right

June 17, 2020


Some of you may be too young to remember The Jetsons. The cartoon’s first episode premiered in 1962 and was set in 2062, 100 years in the future. The premise of many of the jokes on the show was the futuristic technology they dreamt up, which although seemed farfetched at the time turned out to […]

Celebrating one year!

June 5, 2020


Wow, one year! 365 days, 12 months. Whichever way you look at it we’ve now had our Cashmores Elizabeth Street Office doors open since this time last year. And there’s been a bit going on in that time. Locally, we’ve watched the Farmers development continue to progress next door, we got a new Mayor and […]

Our beautiful Bay of Plenty backyard

May 20, 2020


Freedom! We’re so stoked to return to some normality, get back to work, get the kids back to school and start visiting a few of our favourite local haunts again. One of the hardest things about the level 4 lockdown was the fact we had all this free time but due to the restrictions, we […]

What’s the story with eco-friendly homes?

May 6, 2020


From Papamoa to Bethlehem, Pyes Pa Mount Maunganui, and even on the city fringe it’s amazing the little (and not so little) pockets of bare land that pop up in Tauranga. We marketed and sold quite a few sections in the months prior to the national Covid-19 lockdown and it’s exciting to think what the […]

Huge start to 2020

March 1, 2020


Can you believe it’s March already? They say time passes quickly when you’re busy and we’ve absolutely hit the ground running in 2020, selling homes and properties all over Tauranga, Mount Maunganui and Papamoa.   The trend toward inner city living is expected to increase at pace over the next few years and we’ve recently […]

Hey neighbour

February 11, 2020


Tradies, trucks and tower cranes – there’s been plenty of action next door to our Cashmores office in Tauranga CBD as the development of the iconic Farmers site continues.   Envisioned as a contemporary retail, dining and residential hub, the project began in 2018 with the demolition of the Farmers building and is set for […]

Classic kiwi summer

January 16, 2020


Happy new year everyone! We’re back in the office again after a much-needed break. Not that we ever fully stopped working. In real estate there’s always things to be done, but we were at least able to cut back significantly for a couple of weeks and spend some lovely time with the family. Having a […]

Traffic, weather and house prices

December 15, 2019


In Tauranga a story about increasing house prices is as common as an article about the weather or the traffic and no doubt you’ve seen the most recent headlines regarding the latest surge in prices across the Bay of Plenty.   The media may give you the impression that it’s as easy as throwing a […]

Dynamic digital marketing

November 19, 2019


At Cashmores we love social media and video and think digital platforms are so much more dynamic, targeted, measurable and cost effective real estate storytelling tools than traditional media like newspapers and leaflets. When it comes to marketing the most important thing for us is that our clients are happy. In fact we have a […]

Interior colour trends

October 22, 2019


We help people buy and sell houses and are fortunate to have seen so many over the years – big houses, small houses, lifestyle blocks, baches, apartments, flats and mansions. We’ve seen it all and in our job as real estate agents, it’s been really interesting to observe the various trends shift from year to […]

Learning from the best

September 19, 2019


At Cashmores we’re experienced real estate agents, having sold hundreds of properties across Tauranga and the Bay of Plenty. We’re great at what we do but also understand the importance of not being complacent.  Continuing to learn, adapt and grow is vital in any business, including real estate, and it was with great excitement last […]

Residential, lifestyle and luxury

September 3, 2019


Tauranga is a diverse city; a community of people from all walks of life with different backgrounds, ages, ethnicities, occupations and interests.  The homes we live in are much the same – old, new, big, small, lavish, modest, townhouses, apartments, lifestyle blocks and white picket fences. Every home has a story and we’re pretty good […]

Three week bikini body

August 21, 2019


In the fitness industry gym owners know they can set their watches by an increase in new year’s resolution inspired memberships in early January. But did you know new gym memberships actually spike in late November and early December too? Why? How? And what the heck does this have to do with real estate? Well […]

Three reasons we love Tauranga

August 13, 2019


Kirsty and Blair Cashmore have collectively closed hundreds of Tauranga real estate deals over the years but their links with the city and the region go so much deeper than real estate. Both have lived here on and off since they were kids, they’ve been to school here, owned homes and raised a family here, […]

Real estate marketing - bang for your buck

July 30, 2019


Cashmores has a highly visible online presence in Tauranga and the Bay of Plenty, utilising digital and social media platforms to market our brand and to sell homes. In this week’s blog we take a look at this approach and the cost of digital versus traditional media when it comes to selling real estate. We love […]

Homes of Hope

July 24, 2019


Over 6000 NZ children are in foster care due to serious neglect or abuse and, despite best intentions, they are often separated from their brothers and sisters and can change families up to 3 times per year. Please help us help them. https://www.homesofhope.org.nz/

The only way to go is up

July 23, 2019


Yesterday Sunlive published an article highlighting the phenomenal growth experienced in Tauranga over the past 30 years. Population has doubled and is expected to grow by another 50,000 people over the next three decades.  What does this mean for real estate? Well before we look forward let’s wind the clock back to the mid 1980s, […]

Real different, real busy

July 17, 2019


After long and successful careers in Tauranga real estate Blair and Kirsty Cashmore left their jobs and started their own real estate agency, Cashmores. After a fair bit of groundwork they opened their office in June. I caught up with Blair to see how things have been going.  So Blair, how long have you been open […]