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Big brand vs boutique real estate

In the last couple of years there’s been a number of new ‘boutique’ real estate agencies pop up across New Zealand, including here in Tauranga. In this week’s blog Blair Cashmore discusses the differences between traditional corporate real estate and smaller boutique brands. 

After almost two decades working for traditional big brand real estate companies my wife Kirsty and I had grown tired of the corporate one size fits all approach. 

We felt times had changed but the industry hadn’t necessarily evolved at the same speed. We craved change but found our ideas were falling on deaf ears. Bound by established norms the bigger companies were quite simply stuck in their ways. 

By starting Cashmores we were able to do away with the traditional suit and tie corporate direction. We sought to bring new enthusiasm and a creative edge to real estate, to focus on social media and video, to embrace digital platforms and share each homes’ story in a more modern and personal way. 

People often ask how a smaller agency can compete with established big brands. To that I say bigger is definitely not better for clients, in my opinion it’s actually worse. Corporate real estate is antiquated and slow, and they seem to constantly over promise and under deliver. 

They may have the biggest teams but often the clients don’t see anyone else but the listing agent and are offered the same old standard marketing packages that every company does. With Cashmores clients have choices around their marketing and get personal service from authentic people who list and run effective campaigns.

Kirsty and I have done hundreds of deals for happy clients over the years, so by listing or buying with us there is certainly no lack of experience, quite the opposite!

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