The Story

We created Cashmores to give people a different experience when buying and selling property. One that is focused on our clients and their needs but in a more personalised manner. The standard approach just doesn’t cut it anymore. We have been central to Bay of Plenty Real Estate for over 20 years and our knowledge is deep with diverse skills.

Our way of working is different. The most important part of any real estate transaction is getting the outcome our clients want and need. We also believe you can have success and make it an enjoyable experience at the same time.

Dealing with the Cashmore’s team gives you a real experience and a different approach that will see you find a new place to call home.

About Cashmores

We’re real estate advisors that make the process of selling and buying a home good as.

Our motivation is to see you be happy with the outcome. Every customer has different needs, desired results and ideas of how they’d like things done.

No jargon and no fluffy words. Simply, it’s creating the best outcome with a few laughs along the way.

Our Team

Blair Cashmore

The name behind the brand
027 471 1519

  • Straight up
  • Knowledgable
  • All round GC
  • Honest

Blair Cashmore

The name behind the brand

Principle Salesperson

Kirsty Cashmore

The better half
027 268 8003

  • Deal getter
  • Always available
  • Matter of fact
  • Real

Kirsty Cashmore

The better half


Craig Hutcheson

The really nice guy
027 477 7016

  • Super nice
  • Goes the extra mile
  • You matter
  • Genuine

Craig Hutcheson

The really nice guy


Taylor Parberry

The go-getter
021 842 555

  • Strives for excellence
  • Passionate
  • Dependable
  • Efficient

Taylor Parbery

The go-getter

Salesperson & Marketing

Ashford Holloway

The Lead Guitarist
027 425 3304

  • Charismatic
  • Unique
  • Nerve
  • Tactful

Ashford Holloway

The lead guitarist


Let’s sit down together and work out a game plan.

Let’s sit down together and work out a game plan that is going to bring your property to life and create an approach that will get the best outcome for you.

Visit our appraisal page, fill in your details, and one of our agents will be in touch.