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A fortnight of family

There is change in the winter air. The 8:30 traffic may have calmed down a bit but everything else is suddenly much more hectic. Groups of teenagers roam Bayfair and Tauranga Crossing at will – phones ever present, and there’s a noticeable increase in children at your local café. Yep it’s that time of year again, the quarterly chaos otherwise known as the school holidays.

There’s a certain irony of the school holidays starting in Dry July. While most people are trying to cut the booze for a month the sheer stress of having to juggle work with multiple kids at home no doubt drives some parents to drink more.

For some families the winter holidays might usually mean a sneaky week in Fiji or the Gold Coast but with the much-discussed Pacific bubble some way off it may be that a trip to lovely Ngatea, Otorohanga or Palmerston North replaces the annual jaunt to Dream World or the Coral Coast.

But what about here in the Bay of Plenty? What’s a whanau to do on a cold July day?

Well if the weather allows then getting them outside and into nature for a bushwalk is always a good idea and if money is tight can be a cheap idea too. Try Te Puna Quarry Park, Otanewainuku or Puketoki Reserve. Never heard of them? Never fear for everything you need to know is here https://cashmores.nz/our-beautiful-bay-of-plenty-backyard Just remember to bring some warm clothes.

Tenpin bowling and mini putt are always a good laugh, although much like Monopoly can easily end in tears if things get too competitive. Those more adventurously inclined might like to have a go at Rocktopia, an awesome indoor Mount Maunganui venue where the thrill of a theme park meets the action of indoor rock climbing. Don’t let fear or a lack of experience get in the way, there’s options for all ages and experience levels.

How about a day trip? With the Eastern Link making trips to Rotorua so much quicker, a day in the Redwoods could be just what the family needs. Fabulous for walking or mountain biking, the Whakarewrewa Forest is now also home to the Redwoods Treewalk. The award winning attraction is great for all ages and at 700-metres long and 20 metres above the forest floor, is a one of a kind kiwi experience consisting of a series of 28 suspension bridges, which traverse between 27 majestic 117-year-old Redwood Trees.

We’re always looking for ideas for our tribe. What’s your family’s go-to school holiday activity in Tauranga? Or what about that must watch Netflix show for kids, family movie or the best app to download. Let us know in the comments on Facebook!

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